Local markets are an essential part of loving life, viewing each culture from the inside and discovering new tastes, colours, sounds and fashions. They are living museums, restaurants and meeting places. Whether near your home or abroad, markets give more than a standard shop ever would.

Travellers benefit from a chance to include the markets in their journey plan, - fresh food, unexpected gifts and authentic experiences await both foreigners and locals. MarketHopper makes finding markets, planning the journey and choosing your preferences easy!

By participating in the MarketHopper we help to maintain what we believe - when markets are full of people, easily reachable and known, they will be alive, a contrast to global uniformity and a place of human dimension.


MarketHopper is a place to unite market organizers, traders and visitors alike. It is a great benefit for all - the place where to find and where to be found. With MarketHopper, everybody will know the correct day of the market, its location and type of produce.

Market organisers enter their market into MarketHopper to ensure that visitors from all over the world and locals can easily plan their visit to the market, as well as attract new, interesting traders.
Traders can learn about new markets, find contacts and expand their trade.
Visitors can find the correct market time and place, plan their journey with precision, and reveal their taste and discoveries by sharing their market treasures. But most importantly, everyone can put new, hitherto undiscovered markets on the global map of MarketHopper - it keeps markets even more alive, full of people and supports the market life, which is essential in the age of standardized shopping.


It is place where you can discover the most popular local markets of your next destination or explore a wide range of secret gems, favoured by the locals! Fast search will guide you through the markets by location, date or market category by your choice.

Share your unique experiences with others and add your favourite public market, encouraging others to explore the local atmosphere.

Get inspired – browse through the treasures found on markets all over the world! Found a marvel of your own? Share it with your friends!